Monday, April 19, 2010

Kissing Cousins

My nephew, Noah, came to to stay with us for a few days. He likes to escape his two younger
brothers every now and then and hang with us at the beach. We love having him here and wish
we could keep him. Noah was only two when I first met Erik but they have always had a special
relationship. When we got engaged he painted a little toy airplane for our wedding present. It
hangs in our kitchen and every time I look at it I am reminded of how much I love him. He is so
good with Lyla too. It warms my heart. She had a ball while he was here. I'm not sure who
misses him more.

Actually, all of my nieces and nephews are good with Lyla. What can I say? We are a baby loving family! I love that when they talk to her, their already high voices get even higher. I love that they want to hold her, play with her and make her laugh. They might be crazy little rascals but they are SWEET crazy little rascals! Besides, we might have the craziest little rascal of the bunch!