Tuesday, May 18, 2010


If you are an ice cream lover like me and you are ever lucky enough to find yourself in Hollywood, Florida, you absolutely must go to Jaxson's. Here are my reason's why.

*The decor is pretty entertaining.

*They have a delightful menu full of mouthwatering Sundae's. During the time that I lived there Tina and I were working our way through the menu. We barely made a dent.

*They have regular food too, but I say skip it and indulge in the ice cream - they are famous for it and have even been featured on the Food Network.

*They serve you popcorn while you are waiting for your ice cream.

*The charming, old fashioned candy store is worth a peek. They carry everything from candy necklaces and giant gobstoppers to candy cigarettes, t shirts and giant souvenir glasses.

*If you go with at least four people they will let you order the "kitchen sink", a monstrosity of a sundae actually served in a sink. It will be your own "man vs. food" moment. Good luck and know that it is possible - we licked that sink clean! I promise, you won't be disappointed!

The kiddos patiently waiting for their ice cream.

Do you see the yummy goodness in front of us?

The girlies sharing some strawberry. Notice the big chunk
on Lyla's shoulder.


We were a little disappointed in ourselves that we
couldn't finish. Guess we are out of practice.

Just so you know, the hats were Erik's idea. We have picture
exactly like this from about 7 years ago, minus Lyla of course and the hats!

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